Saturday, May 6, 2017

happy birthday to my person

Today is one of my favorite days & always will be. My favorite person's birthday is today! Growing up, my parents have always made sure to celebrate big for birthdays. I have carried that tradition to our marriage & make sure to celebrate big for the ones we love! Nathan turns 25 today & we will be celebrating all weekend! We started off with an early celebration of a Cinco De Mayo themed party (thanks for giving me a reason to buy all the cactus decorations & make my hostess heart full), then Nathan will be running a birthday half marathon today, then we are off to a beer & oyster festival, & then finally end the weekend with his family for a birthday lunch tomorrow. 

 We have been together for almost five years & have shared the best memories together. I can't think of a better person to do life with & I can't thank God enough for the gift that Nathan is to me. Since he is turning 25, I thought it would be fun to share 25 of my favorite things about Nate & some of my favorite memories together! 

Happy birthday love! 

1. His love for sports & more importantly the HOKIES. If you have questions about Tech sports, he's your man.

 That one time we made it on ESPN. 

2. His love for our families 

3. His love for our people 

4. He has never met a stranger- Seriously, at almost every race he runs, he always makes a new friend. I'm looking at y'all, Bobby, Scot, & Andrew! This one of my TOP favorite things about him. He is easy to talk to & always can strike up a conversation with anyone. I love that he is confident & knows who he is.    

 5. His smile, so stinking handsome 

6. His laidback personality (Bless, Jesus knew I needed that) 

7. He keeps life simple 

8. He supports me in everything I do  

9. He loves to run, but mostly does races to get free t-shirts ;) 

10. He has great dance moves & is the best dance partner

11. He is quick to sacrifice for the ones he loves (my dad has the same quality & I love that Nathan has it too) 

12. He is extremely driven

13. This picture is when we first met! We were both freshmen in high school and met at a Tech Game! Nathan was selling drinks & Bekah & I were watching the game in the section that he was selling drinks in.Thanks to Bekah (in the picture below) we were introduced. 

14. Training for our first race together (keyword training, there is no way I could have kept up with a 6'3 stride on race day) 

15. Birthday visit to the Biltmore  

16 Our Honeymoon 

17. Our trip to Colorado to celebrate our one year anniversary 

18. Family vacations together 

19. Visiting all the wineries & breweries we can 

20. One of my favorite trips-Nashville! 

21. He LOVES food (true life-I can't even keep up with his eating habits) & I love that he will drive any distance for good food. Every time we are near our favorite restaurant Tupelo Honey, we will always find a way to go! 

22. Saying yes to forever

23. He loves a good adventure 

24. He loves Jesus, leads me, & cares deeply about people learning about his relationship with Him 

25. OUR WEDDING- Best day ever. 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Whole30 Wednesday- Day 31.

Happy Wednesday friends!!! Today is day 31 of my Whole30 journey, which means I completed my first round of Whole30, along with my two of my dear friends(Brittany finished two days ago & Caroline finished yesterday too). Guess it's true, third time is a charm! ;) This past month has been a learning experience about my relationship with food, figuring out how to manage my PCOS with whole foods, and learning how cooking healthy meals can be easier than I previously thought.

So what are my results? 
I lost a total of 8 pounds & gained so many Non-Scale Victories!! I am so happy with my results. I cannot tell you the last time I was able to make the number on the scale move. I wish I would have taken my meaursments before starting (dumb) but I had measurements just of my thighs & arms to go off of from over a year ago. But based on that number, I lost three inches in my upper thighs & my arms actually stayed the same number. I know that Pure Barre has been an amazing workout to tone up my arms & thighs. So while my arms might be the same number, they, in no way, look the same. I can ACTUALLY see my bicep muscle, it might not be big, but it is there & toned. So huge shout out to my girlsquad at Pure Barre Roanoke!!

Whole30 has a term called "Non-Scale Victories". My Whole30 journey has been full of "Non-Scale Victories" and that is one thing I love about this program. They don't focus on the number on a scale, they focus on positive life changes & things that really make a difference in how people's bodies are feeling. My "Why" when I started this program was learning how to use food to manage my PCOS. I can truly say that I feel that because of Whole30 I am in more control of my food choices & I have started a lifestyle change that might one day lead to taking no medication for PCOS.  Huge WIN in my book. Below are my top ten non-scale victories. 

1. I am sleeping through the night 
2. My skin has cleared up
3. I have been able to take my PCOS medicine without getting so sick 
4. My meal prep is more organized & efficient & more intentional 
5. I feel stronger in my workouts 
6. I can make it through the day without crashing after lunch 
7. No bloating after eating meals 
8. Healthier relationship with food 
9. Figure out the difference between hunger & cravings 
10. No longer a slave to sugar & carbs  

So now what? What happens after day 30? The introduction phase, read more about that here. I am nervous about the reintroduction phase and want to make sure I still remain in control of my food choices & not let cravings win. I do plan to add a few food groups back in slowly. For today, I will try to add back in a few legumes to see how I react. I also have been waiting forever to eat my favorite cookies my mother in law bought us for Easter so I might try that today too! I do not plan on adding back in dairy or bread for a while. I have not missed either of them & Whole30 suggest if you don't miss it, you don't have to add it back in your diet.

Overall this has been a great experience. I have gained parts of my life back & am functioning better. I also love setting goals for myself & this has been such a lofty goal for me over time. To now know I can do Whole30 it really makes other things not seem so bad/hard. I do plan to stick to most of the eating habits that I have learned but maybe eat more of a paleo based diet. I also plan to enjoy my life & celebrate with others, so that may mean a drink or a slice of birthday cake every now and then.
It's about progress, not perfection.

So what does this mean for Whole30 Wednesday? Well just because I finished my first round of Whlole30 does not mean I will stop blogging about it! I still have so much to share, from ways you can start your own Whole30, recipes, & other amazing bloggers to follow.
If you need someone to help support you, email me! I am not an expert, but I would love to help & be supportortive! I would be so so happy to help you with this life change & I know everyone deserves to feel good about who they are. Y'all, if I can do this, you can too! Seriously. 30 days have passed & time is only going to keep passing. If you have ever thought about doing Whole30, you CAN complete it.Your health is worth it & with so many positive changes people feel after Whole30, you have everything to gain & nothing to lose.

To all the sweet friends that have followed along & cheered me on, THANK YOU. This is just the beginning.

with grace & love,

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

whole30 Wednesday

Happy Wednesday sweet friends! I just want to say thank you for following along with my Whole30 journey thus far. Y'all have been so encouraging & really have made the biggest difference in this attempt of my Whole30.  I just had to thank you. 

I really cannot believe that three weeks have already passed & today is day 24! I am still feeling good, the newness of Whole30 has worn off for sure though. I am so thankful for my two friends doing Whole30 because they have helped keep me on track these last couple days.
 Over the weekend, I attended a brunch, missed out on mimosas, biscuits, shrimp & grits, and attended a going away party to skip out on all the cake & wine. If it had been week one or two, the temptation would have put me over the edge & I would have given in. But now, I am so far in I don't want to mess up & have worked too hard to give in now. I have also changed my thinking & know that certain things are not worth it. I still had a great time at both events, I just made sure to eat meals before attending. It just takes planning y'all & if I can do it, I really do mean you can too!!
I'm not having as many cravings this week, not even many sugar cravings, but just getting bored with food & some days over cooking (if I am completely honest). I know I need to keep meal planning (I have slacked) &
need to try new recipes to keep from getting bored, so if you have any SEND away!

I am a little nervous about how has my body changed. Besides how I have been feeling, am I going to lose anything? My clothes have not felt super different, but there have been many other changes. I was talking to a friend & she made me tell her all of the positives that have happened. Would it be nice to lose weight (especially since I have worked so hard), sure, that would be awesome. But my dear friend reminded me of my goal & all of the positives that have happened since starting this journey. I was reminded that I wanted to find a way to be able to feel better & manage my PCOS with my diet. And that has happened. I feel much better & can take my medicine without feeling so so sick. We all need a reminder sometimes that our weight is not our identity & a number on a scale does not show the full picture. Y'all, make sure to find your people that remind you of your worth & are there to encourage you in every step of your life. 

Moving forward, I do want to try & stick to this new lifestyle change. I don't want to go back to my old eating habits & throw away all the good changes that I have made thus far. I am excited & nervous for next week. I am excited for my glass of wine(let's be real..cheers), to know that I can complete a big goal with intentional planning, & excited to have learned how easy healthy meals really can be. 
May 2nd is day 30 & I will be sure to blog about my results. I also will need to share the recipes that I have tried & loved! I have more hacks that I need to share too, so be on the look out for more blog post in the future. Maybe Whole30 Wednesday will continue long after my first round...but for now here is to another week. Happy Wednesday friends!! 

If you have any questions about Whole30 or have any tips be sure to comment or email me at 

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